Marital Meanderings Volume 1

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Marital Mission: Co-creating our Common Divine Identity (CDI) whereby we are experiencing our life activities with a core sense of shared togetherness and purpose.

Shabbos: Fulfilling our marital mission is an avoda spanning a full seven day week. For six days, we are cultivating the new creative potential for our CDI – becoming mode. On day seven, we are drawing down the actualized true expression of our CDI – being mode.

Three Weeks: Marital growth is not linear and cannot be scripted with simple logic. Often, spousal disagreements turn into conflict resulting in distancing from one another in physical and/or emotional forms. These temporary fallouts can be used to fortify the CDI.  How?  By awakening a yearning for returning. Acknowledge humbly that your life blessings originate from your marital bond.  Be courageous.  Return with resolve to rebuild anew!

Starry Eyes: Month-AV. Aleph-Edom and Beis-Bavel are an acronym for the two nations that destroyed the two holy temples. Aleph and Beis also form the word Av Harachamim, our merciful father who is looking for us to return full heartedly to rebuild the third/final holy temple. Right NOW, we can actively chose to restore the divine dignity in our marriage and allow Hashem’s presence to dwell uniquely in our homes or G-d forbid its opposite. Choose wisely.  Act boldly.

Marital Dating: To know is to love.  Increasing knowledge of your spouse deepens your love for them. This knowledge must include their life difficulties-character blemishes and the ways it may negatively impact your marriage. Work on preserving your spouse’s core value and love within their limitations. Remember – Hashem created us perfectly imperfect!

Just Remember: Close or distant from each other – Always Connecting to one another

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Iluyi Nishmas – Avraham ben Yechezkel and Tova bas Leizer Mordechai
Refuah Shelaima – Aliza Mira Bas Rochel Leah   Hatzlacha – Rochel Leah bas Avraham and Perel bas Zev

Growing Through Marriage – Becoming Divine Together

Instructions For Living

A collection of quotes from Rabbi Noah Weinberg’s ZT”L inspirational wisdom

The battle for life is a battle for sanity.

The essence of wisdom is to know yourself.

The key to greatness is doing a spiritual accounting. Every day, set aside time to ask yourself: What am I living for? What do I need to change?

Infatuation is blind. Love is a magnifying glass. Who loves you more than anyone in the whole world? Your parents. Who knows your faults better than anyone in the whole world? Your parents.

Love is the pleasure of focusing on the virtues of another.

It is a greater pleasure to love than to be loved. So why spend so much energy on gaining the approval of others? Work on loving them instead.

The opposite of pain is no pain (i.e. comfort). Equating comfort with pleasure is the definition of decadence.

The Talmud says that every person must say, “The world was created just for me.” That means each of us is responsible for the entire world.

The essence of free will is to choose to be a soul, not a body. The battle is to do what your soul wants, not what your body feels like doing.

We all want greatness. No one says, “I wish to be mediocre.” Everyone harbors the secret desire to save the world.

Torah is not a history book. It is Toras Chaim – literally Instructions for Living, God’s manual teaching on how to fulfill our potential and get the most out of life.

God is our father in Heaven. Like a father, all He wants is for us to get the maximum pleasure in life.

“I can’t” is idolatry. If the Almighty helps us, we can change the world. And if He doesn’t help, we can’t do anything.

Happiness is choosing to take pleasure in what you have.

The natural state of every human being is joy. We learn how to make ourselves miserable.

When people say, “You’ll grow up,” what they really mean is, “You’ll give up like I did.”

The Six Constant Mitzvot are the goals of Judaism.

Judaism isn’t all or nothing. Every mitzvah is a gold mine.

Every effort is a success, even if you don’t see the results.

There are no accidents. The Almighty is always sending us messages, and He’s a very articulate teacher.

If you don’t know what you are willing to die for, you haven’t really begun to live.

If being good is worth dying for, then it is worth living for. And if it is worth dying and living for, then it is certainly worth enjoying.